Sino-German Bilateral Symposium on Anomalous and Non-Ergodic Diffusion : Modeling, Theory, Applications, and Simulations

Supported by the Sino-German Science Center, the Sino-German bilateral International Symposium“ Anomalous and Non-Ergodic Diffusion : modeling, theory, applications, and simulations” was held at Lanzhou University, Gansu Province, from 23 to 28 June 2019.

The latest developments of anomalous and non-ergodic dynamical systems in recent years were communicated and new theories and models proposed in recent years were discussed. At the same time, the experts discussed in depth the calculation method of describing abnormal and ergodic diffusion equation, the theory of stochastic differential equation, and how to better construct the application of interdisciplinary mathematics and physics. 

In this seminar, there are about 100 participants. The representatives from China, Germany and Japan made more than 30 reports. The seminar laid a solid foundation for future cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and German scholars. Participants at the meeting gave a high appraisal of the Sino-German bilateral symposium.