Strategic activity of Sino-German Center 2019 (East China Region) successfully held in Hangzhou

With the aim to better inform the scientific community about funding instruments and to give support to more Chinese and Germany scientists, as the 21st Joint Committee requested, at the beginning of 2019, the directors of Sino-German Center (SGC) made the decision to hold several strategic activities in main regions of China while attending SGC supported bilateral symposia. Based on this motivation, after careful planning, the strategic activity of SGC 2019 (East China Region) was successfully held at Hangzhou Xinqiao Hotel on May 30 2019. SGC deputy director general on Chinese side, Mr. Zhao Chuang and deputy director general on German side Dr. Zhang Baiyu attended the meeting with more than 100 scientists and students from Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Science and Technology of China, Harbin Institute of Technology and Shanghai University.

The meeting was moderated by Mr. Zhao. Dr. Baiyu gave a full report about SGC, including SGC’s history, mission, structure, funding instruments, funding achievements and funding framework modifications. Currently, SGC’s funding instruments are divided into two categories: Initiation for junior scientists, and consolidation for established researchers. Initiation includes German Junior Research Group Leader, Junior Scientist Forum, Summer Schools and Lindau & Post-Lindau Program, while Consolidation includes Preparatory Visits, Workshops and Mobility Programs. More advanced common Chinese-German scientific projects can be supported by the Joint Research Program co-funded by NSFC and DFG. Dr. Baiyu also mentioned that since January 2019, under the modification of SGC’s funding framework, funding instruments and methods of application and review have been updated. She called scientists’ attention that there are calls for proposals for mobility programs and workshops to be held in 2020. 

After the report, Dr. Zhang Baiyu and Mr. Zhao Chuang joined the discussion with the audience and answered many questions. Participants highly appreciated the strategic activity; they said it is very important to get full information on SGC funding possibilities.

The strategic activity has been strongly supported by Zhejiang University. Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department of Zhejiang University, Mr. Xue Fei, gave a speech to welcome the participants to the meeting.

Sino-German Center for Research Promotion is a co-funded public institution jointly established by National Natural Science Foundation of China and German Research Foundation (DFG). SGC’s purpose is to support cooperation and joint research of scientists in China and Germany in Natural Sciences, Lifesciences, Management Sciences and Engineering Sciences. Over the past 19 years since its establishment, more than 570 million RMB have been allocated by NSFC and DFG. By the end of April 2019, SGC has received 1588 applications totally, out of these 569 Bilateral Symposiums, 43 Cooperation Groups, 149 Joint Research Projects, 15 Junior Scientist Forums, 53 Summer Schools and 33 Publications were funded. Moreover, 456 young talented Chinese Ph.D. candidates attended the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting under the support of SGC. Approximately 2000 scientists benefit from SGC’s support every year.