International Symposium "Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Germany and China” was held in Shandong Agricultural University

On September 16 to 18, the International Symposium "SMALL- AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES IN GERMANY AND CHINA – SIMILARITIES AND DISSIMILARITIES" was held successfully in Shandong Agricultural University, which is sponsored by Sino-German Center for Science Promotion and jointly applied by Prof. XU Xuanguo from Shandong Agriculture University and Prof. Oberheitmann from FOM University.
During the two days conference, 14 experts and scholars from University of Bremen, University of Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences Ruhr-West, RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, Qingdao University, Shandong Agricultural University, Jinan University, Shandong University of Finance and Economics have given wonderful lectures, analysis and interpretations of the small and medium-sized enterprises’ similarities and differences between the two countries. In addition, nearly 40 young teachers and doctoral students in related fields listened to the reports and participated actively in the discussion.
Prof. Chen Lesheng, Chinese Deputy Director, the Sino-German Center for Science Promotion and Professor Thomas Heupel, vice President of FOM University of Germany, attended the seminar. Gao Dongsheng, vice president of Shandong agricultural university has introduced the school development and taken the meeting as an opportunity to build bilateral exchange of learning platform between the scientific researchers of the two countries, to further expand the space of development cooperation.